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Epirb Kannad Marine Manual Non Gps

Epirb Kannad Marine Manual Non Gps

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Κωδικός Προϊόντος: S15-1001
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Κωδ.Προϊόντος: S15-1001

Epirb Kannad Marine Manual Non Gps

The world’s most powerful EPIRBs, driving accelerated rescue times via:
• Faster alert detection on the 406 MHz frequency through our MEOSAR compatibility
• The world’s first 4TECH EPIRB, with four search and rescue frequencies, the SafePro AIS supports the Alert, Locate, Tracking and
Recovery elements of search and rescue
• The only EPIRB manufacturer that also builds and supports the Cospas-Sarsat ecosystems infrastructure, making the benefits of
MEOSAR a reality Kannad SafePro EPIRBs include innovation as standard with ruggedized base, easy service battery, MEOSAR compatibility and compliance with the new United States Coast Guard emergency hands free transport mandate. The additional false activation protection and multiple self-tests also offer total user confidence. Coupled with an unparalleled marine heritage, commitment to quality and a history of innovation, customers know they can trust Kannad Marine, as part of the McMurdo Group of businesses, when their
lives are at risk.

Kannad Safe
A fully protective, spring loaded enclosure, the auto-housing automatically deploys and activates the EPIRB when it is submerged between 1 – 4m. The Safe/SafePro auto-housing incorporates fixing points which ensure previous* Kannad Marine auto-housing units can be retrofitted with minimum impact, when upgrading your vessels EPIRB.
Each of the 3 models (Safe, SafePro and SafePro AIS) detailed on the comparison table opposite are available as either a category 1 or category 2

Category 1 EPIRB models
Supplied inside an auto-housing and automatically deployed and activated when in contact with water (although they can also be manually activated).
Category 2 EPIRB models
Supplied with a unique SafeTransfer bracket to prevent accidental activation, once manually removed from the bracket the EPIRB is activated manually or via water contact.

Product Description

FCC Approved Internationally Approved Transmits on 406 and 121.5 MHz Non hazardous battery for safe and easy transportation Unique CARRYSAFE bracket available for safe transportation High brightness LED flashing locator light 60 comprehensive diagnostic and self-tests during battery life Once activated, will transmit for a minimum of 48 hours 5 year battery life 5 year warranty

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